3 Habits You Shouldn’t Ignore in Senior Citizens

Author: Turning Point Senior Care Solutions |

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Keep an eye out for these 3 unhealthy habits.

As we age and our lives begin to change, it can be easy to develop unhealthy habits. These three specific habits can be dangerous and should be addressed as soon as possible. If your loved one is showing signs of one or more of these habits, it’s important to lovingly and graciously take action.

Poor Nutrition

Many senior citizens spent multiple years cooking meals for an entire family. This caused them to eat a well-balanced meal that was both healthy and socially fulfilling. As people age, this becomes less and less the case. There is very little incentive to gather with friends and family and share a meal. As a result, the microwave becomes the most used appliance in the house. Food made in microwaves tends to be high in sodium and calories lending to poor nutrition and excess weight.

A simple way to improve on nutrition and cut back on microwave use is to use a home catering service. These services will deliver prepared meals using whole ingredients, focusing on providing a well-balanced diet. These meals can cost as much as $8.00 less than the average meal at a restaurant making it an excellent option for better nutrition.

Excess Clutter

Piling mail, dirty dishes, or unkempt living situations are signs of depression. As the clutter piles up, it becomes overwhelming and chaotic, leaving your loved one feeling stressed and discouraged.

If your loved one’s home is showing signs of excess clutter, consider hiring a personal manager to help deal with the clutter by doing tasks like paying bills and keeping their living space presentable.


When a senior citizen is no longer able to drive, they become at great risk of feeling isolated. This is even more pertinent in smaller towns with poor public transportation. Isolation can lead to depression which can lend to forming more unhealthy habits like the ones mentioned above.

The best thing to do is to take the time to visit your loved one regularly and go on outings together. This will make them feel connected to the rest of the world.


If you notice any of these three habits in your loved one’s life, consider the option of professional caregivers. Both independent and assisted living are wonderful options to help improve quality of life.