Senior/ Elder Care Consultant in South Bend, Indiana

    • Testimonial

      Emee helped me find assisted living facilities for both of my parents, and I feel like I would not have survived the process without her! She was always available to answer my many questions (and still is, long after they have moved in), and was incredibly patient throughout the process as we tried to figure out the best option for them. She got to know my parents and chose facilities where they would be comfortable and matched their personalities perfectly. I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful service! Very highly recommended.

      Ardea Russo
    • Testimonial

      I am long distance from my mother who has dementia. When my brother died (who was local and looked out for her needs) I was in a panic. Who could be of assistance until I could find a suitable location for my ailing mother? Emee's name was given as a referral. She has been amazing. When I flew into town, Emee and I looked for long term care facilities and found one. Since then, she has kept up with my mom and gives me progress reports. Emee is caring, supportive and has a large arsenal of people who can aide in other areas. She's your girl if you need direction, care and compassion for your loves ones.

      Beth Daugherty
    • Testimonial

      Emee is very knowledgeable about all the options available for senior care. When I've had questions about different types of services or specifics about a facility in the area, she's been able to give detailed answers. I feel very, very comfortable referring friends to Emee when they begin having questions about the care of their elderly family members. She listens and is able to provide the information they need for their specific situation. Definitely a valuable resource!

      Marcia Braun
    • Testimonial

      In early 2015, I found that my father, who suffered from dementia as well as some heart issues, needed to be moved into a facility that could more readily meet his needs. I reached out to Emee Miller with Turning Point Senior Care Choices for help in sorting out my options. It was very important to me that Dad was not just a number but someone that people treated with dignity and respect while being able to deal with his challenges in an effective way. Emee was honest with me about my options and my expectations and led me to a facility that worked perfectly. Although I have lost my Dad in the meantime, I am forever grateful at the time and care she took to help me. A great service to those of us who need help finding just the right place!

      Jan Fye
    • Testimonial

      Emee is so wonderful! She knows what all of the options are and what would work best for you. I would recommend her service to anyone!!

      Laurie Balla