About Turning Point Senior Care Solutions

Independent Senior Living Advisor in South Bend, Indiana

Turning Point Senior Care Solutions

Turning Point Senior Care Solutions was born from my friendship with Helen.  She had never married and lived in her childhood home.  Her neighborhood had changed, and not necessarily for the better.  When we first met she was 85 years old, a feisty gal who had a way of getting people to help her.  I was one of them.  

Every work day I would pick Helen up at her home and take her to her job as an elevator operator.  She would go into the basement, have tea and biscuits, and walk the hall until her shift began at noon.  One day Helen asked me if I would take her to get a mammogram.  I agreed.  A few weeks later she asked if I had made an appointment for her.  Well, no, I hadn’t, but I did.  Helen had breast cancer which metastasized into a brain tumor.  We began a journey into the world of senior care and lifestyle in South Bend, Indiana.  Helping Helen navigate a bewildering array of doctors, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living, and hospice was eye-opening.  So I created a service to assist others by clearing away the fog from a complicated industry.

Turning Point Senior Care Solutions specializes in issues surrounding senior care: services, programs, living options, care management, and advocacy in the Greater South Bend region.  The focus is on education so that quality and dignity of life may be sustained.  If you understand the options, you can figure out what to do.

My husband Bob and I raised three very independent children:  Laura, Brad, and Keith.  I am now an empty nester turned entrepreneur, local and independent.  My mission is to give every client the time, attention, and care that they need.