The Stigma of Senior Care Communities

Author: Turning Point Senior Care Solutions |

Blog by Turning Point Senior Care Solutions

The Stigma

There tends to be a stigma connected to senior care communities. This negative view is usually associated with “nursing homes.” When it comes time to discuss transitioning to senior care, this stigma can incite hesitation and even fear.

Much of this stigma is derived from decades old stories or even personal experience from years ago. Many of these stories may be valid, but they are outdated. Senior care has come a long way over the years. It has evolved from the stand alone nursing home.

To dispel the stigma surrounding a senior care community, do some research on the stories you’ve heard. Spend some time with the management and staff, getting to know them and asking them pointed questions about the stories you’ve heard. Ask these questions:

  • How factual was the event?
  • How long ago did it take place?
  • Has the management changed?
  • Did they learn from the event?

The Truth

Most senior care communities are privately owned and do not receive any federal or state funds. Within these communities, you’ll find 5 types of care that set them apart from the negative idea of a nursing home:

  1. Independent
  2. Assisted Living
  3. Rehabilitation
  4. Memory Care
  5. Skilled (Nursing) Care

You won’t find seniors slumped in wheel chairs or left to fend for themselves. On the contrary, an activities director plans regular events and outings based on what best fits the needs of the seniors.

Negative stigma no longer has a place here. A senior community is a place to find the care you need in the way that you need it most. It’s a place to call home.