Making the Decision to Head to South Bend to Care for an Aging Loved One

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Making the decision to move to South Bend, IN, and become a family caregiver for an aging loved one isn’t easy. Committing to becoming a major source of support and care for a family member is a big deal on its own. When you add in the impact of heading to a new city, it’s not a surprise that the choice becomes hard to move.

If you’re trying to figure out if now is the proper time to head to South Bend and provide direct care to an aging loved one, Turning Point provides some information that can help.

Determining What Your Loved One Needs
If you aren’t close to the South Bend, IN area, you may only have a basic idea of how your aging relative is doing. If that’s the case, you’ll want to take a little time to evaluate their current situation, giving you a better idea of the amount of help they may need.

Typically, you’ll want to consider the following:

By researching each of those potential areas of concern, you can figure out if moving sooner is better. Any notable struggles could make heading that way now the better choice, ensuring they’ll get the support they need to live well.

Addressing Housing Needs
One big part of the moving decision is housing. Luckily, South Bend, IN, is incredibly affordable in that regard. As a result, if you’re coming from a high-cost city, you may come out far ahead.
The median home list price in South Bend, IN, is around $146,500, which is well below the national average. When it comes to average apartment monthly rents, those come in closer to $1,049, though it may be higher or lower depending on the size of the unit and the available features.
Since housing is so affordable, you may be able to choose a home or apartment that can accommodate you and your loved one. Then, you can move them in, making it easier to care for them.

Helping Your Loved One Stay in Their Home
If you want to make sure your aging relative can stay in their home as long as possible, hiring the right kind of professional services could be your answer.
For example, you could arrange for professional gutter cleaning twice a year. Keeping gutters clean ensures water flows away from the house properly, reducing the risk of water damage. Gutter professionals have the tools to do the job safely and efficiently, usually for around $106 to $167 (though larger projects might run as high as $350), as per Plus, they can alert you to issues that need repairing.
Similarly, arranging for a housekeeper could make it easier for them to stay in their home. Someone else will handle common cleaning tasks, keeping the house hygienic without you or your aging loved one having to tackle it yourselves.

Explore Family Caregiver Programs
Once you move to Indiana, you may be able to access certain kinds of support to help ease your burden and reduce stress. Through the Family Caregiver Program, caregivers for relatives who are at least 60 years old may be able to get access to a variety of benefits. Turning Point also offers various senior care solutions to suit, so learn more here.
Along with counseling and support groups, program participants may be eligible for supplemental services – such as home modifications or assistive technologies – as well as respite. Caregiver training may be available, too.

Making the Decision to Head to South Bend to Care for an Aging Loved One