Senior Care Choices: Assisted Living

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This blog post is a part of a series entitled, “Senior Care Choices.” In each post, you’ll get an overview of a specific senior care option and the basic information you’ll need to know if it is a good option for you to pursue. Today we’re talking about assisted living. Be sure to check out the different posts detailing other excellent possibilities of care for you or your loved one.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is the combining of housing, personalized supportive services, and health care. It is designed to assist you or the senior in your life with every day activities.

These communities are licensed as and called many different things, including:

  • board & care (B&Cs)
  • residential care homes or facilities (RCFEs)
  • personal care homes (PCH)
  • adult foster care
  • homes for the aged
  • adult family or group homes (AFH)

When Should I Consider Assisted Living?

If you or your loved one need assistance with regular, daily activities but are in overall good health, assisted living as an excellent option to consider. It is not for those in need of skilled nursing care. If medical issues do arise, the necessary help is easily accessible. A well-trained nursing staff works closely with your doctor, and helps with administering any necessary medications.

Along with additional access to care, assisted living includes services such as daily housekeeping, transportation, meals and snacks, and organized events and activities. If these are the services you are looking for, assisted living may be just the right option for you.

Of note, assisted living is privately paid which means that it is paid for by you or by long-term care insurance.

How Do I Choose an Assisted Living Program?

If a senior in your life needs assistance with daily living, we can help you find a community or home that fits your needs. From large elegant, amenity-laden communities offering a continuum of care, to assisted living offered in residential homes, we can help you make the choice. Click Here to get in touch.