What Makes Turning Point Senior Care Solutions Stand Out

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About Turning Point Senior Care Solutions
Established in 2012, I am a senior care solutions advisor specializing in issues surrounding senior care, living options, care management, and advocacy in the Greater South Bend region.

My focus is on education so that quality and dignity of life may be sustained. The way I see it, if you understand the options, you can figure out with ease the best path for you.

My personalized services start with an initial consultation that makes way for a process of discovery to be implemented, allowing me to focus on dignity and quality of life.

The eight years I have been in operation have shown me that focusing on education and continuously developing my knowledge is the best way to navigate a somewhat dicey, constantly changing industry.

My services are available by appointment, and I tend to be busy all year round, with peaks during the holiday season and when families are busy.

The Turning Point Senior Care Solutions Difference
My clients are often all at that point of discovering the challenges and joys of senior care and re-evaluating their lifestyle options. Many of them are proactive, informed, and have a template of options they have already decided on.

One aspect that makes my business second to none is I take the time to clarify misconceptions clients may have, shedding light on different assisted living communities and why they would want to consider one over another.

Another characteristic that sets me apart from the rest of my competitors is that I live and work in the area. This gives me an edge when it comes to being available for my clients, understanding their needs, and connecting with the community.

One of my most significant achievements has been my up-to-date list of services, along with my consolidation as a leading assisted senior living advisor. If I don’t know the answer, I know who to ask, and I find this is the key to guiding a client’s decisions.

My dream for the future is to continue gaining knowledge and building my client base to stay relevant and be of service to those in need of my services.

While I am passionate about what I do, I also care about protecting the environment. To do what I can to preserve our environment and save our forests, I try to recycle and avoid the irresponsible use of paper.

I also believe in giving back to society and, as part of that belief, regularly support and donate to local causes. Pre-COVID19, I used to also enjoy volunteering in our local charity kitchen.

To learn more about all that I do at Turning Point Senior Care Solutionsplease click here. If you have any questions about how I can help you, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me here.