Medical Testing: Asking the Right Questions

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Medical Testing

When your doctor tells you that you’re going to need to have a medical test done, it’s normal to feel some anxiety. Having a better understanding of what’s ahead of you can help dispel some of that fear.

Before you have any medical testing done, ask your doctor plenty of questions. Here is a helpful list of questions to pose to your doctor:

The Right Questions

Before the testing…

  • Why do I need the test?
  • What will it show about my health?
  • What will it cost and will my insurance cover it?
  • What do I need to do to prepare for the test? (For example, you may need to have an empty stomach or provide a urine sample.)
  • What steps does the medical test involve?
  • Are there any dangers or side effects?
  • How will I find out the results of my test? How long will it take to get the results?
  • What will we know after the test?

Following the testing…

When the results are ready, ask your doctor to explain them to you. If the testing was done by a specialist, have them send the results to your primary doctor. You can also request a written copy of the results to keep for yourself.


Instead of succumbing to fear and anxiety when your doctor mentions testing, ask the right questions. You’ll be better equipped for the testing, and you’ll be better prepared to take the next steps when the results come in.

Check out this video from the NIH for more information.