Senior Care and Furry Friends

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Can your dog join you in your move to a senior care community?

A Walk with My Furry Friend

This past Saturday morning was the perfect kind of morning to stay inside snuggled next to a crackling fire, sipping a hot coffee, and perusing the morning paper. I was enjoying the slow morning when my dog, Bo, made it clear that the cool drizzle outside was no reason to miss out on our walk. So off we went.

I decided to head to the track where Bo loves to hunt for rabbits in the pine trees. I enjoy walking the track for cardio, and it’s close enough to home that we could sprint home should the drizzle turn into a downpour. Bo ran into a lovely Airedale named Sasha. As they were bouncing in the pines, my thoughts went to senior care.

A Move with Your Furry Friend

Our dogs can be near and dear to our hearts. What if a senior with a beloved dog wants to move into a community? Whether it be independent, assisted, or full skilled care, is the dog able to join them in the move?

It depends. Let’s consider the options.

  • Skilled care is a medical model that would not allow for the dog to come along. But visits with the dog are not only permitted but encouraged when the senior lives in a full skilled care community.
  • Assisted living may allow for the family dog to tag along depending on the specific living situation.
  • An independent living community is the type of situation where the dog is absolutely encouraged to join as long as the senior is willing and able to care for their beloved pet.


Senior Care communities are places that seniors can call home, so leaving the family pet behind just doesn’t make sense. If for some reason the senior is unable to care for the dog, visits are encouraged. If the senior desires to keep the dog and is capable of caring for it, communities accept them with open arms.